Scorecard of players

Ya can’t tell the players without a Scorecard….(under construction)

One Lucky Mommy (OLM): ME – I’m new to blogging – I keep writing these treatises in my head and decided I should start trying to write them down.  I have planned all my life to be a mom – at some point and that point has arrived.  As I am older, and have been waiting/working towards mommy for a while – this is *THE* project I am working on for the next….bunch of years.  For now, this blog is focused on mom and family stuff.
Stats: over 40, first time working mom, polyamorist, avid Fantasy and Sci fi fiction reader, medieval re-creationist (SCA), textile artisan (spinning, weaving, etc.), Scandinavian (Norway), Yankee (technically Damn Yankee), baker, green, tecnologist, educator, lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian, card & board gamer, cat lover.

World’s Smartest Toddler (WST):  At 19 months (May 2009) WCB officially became a Toddler on this blog (was a Toddler for us at about 15 months – as walking, talking, and self-amusement levels were toddler range).  At 2.5 yrs (April 2010) Healthy, cheerful, still clingy, although separation anxiety is waning (thank goodness). STILL some challenges in her sleeping habits (still waking once or twice a ’10-hour sleep’ night roughly 60% of the time – blissfully managing to sleep 10 hours solid roughly 30 % of the time; horrible awful up-every-2-hours 10% or less now-adays). Everything else – all likes and dislikes, etc. –  subject to change without notice. No pictures will be posted due to anonymity desires of OLM. (sorry)

World’s Cutest Baby (WCB): Born October 2007, girl, healthy. Was a challenge in her eating and sleeping habits (or lack thereof) but generally cheerful and *wiggly.* Became WST at 19 months.

 Daddy-O: husband, dad, looked forward to being dad for a long time, has worked hard over the years to support OLM emotionally – very much a romantic and a kid at heart, helps to make OLM and WCB laugh, animates stuffed animals and feeds OLM’s children’s book habit.
Stats: avid sci fi and horror reader, Magic the Gathering player, WOW addict, jewelry maker, illustration artist, movie buff, comics fan, green, democrat, polyamorist, salesman, southerner, fashion and design conscious, lacto-ovo vegetarian, cat lover.

Daddy-N: husband, dad, apprehensive about being a dad, pleasantly surprised to be a good one, caring and even *fun*. Grouchy about the state of the country and the world, likes to go commune with nature and listen to angry screaming rock to decompress. Does many of the house chores and says “I love you” by cooking for you.
Stats: gardener, thespian/actor, cook, news-hound, polyamorist, southerner, NON-gamer, anti-republican, pianist, LGBTT activist, archivist, green, amateur archaeologist, writer, nonfiction reader (bios, history, philosophy), mostly vegetarian, caregiver, cat lover.

Uncle L: over 40, husband to Auntie, serious secondary relationship with OLM for almost 10 years, apprehensive about relationship changes brought about by motherhood, startled at his own devotion to WCB, caring, charming and funny, a traditional romantic, and great conversationalist.
Stats: Woodworker, blacksmith, writer, tech geek, performer, cook, semi-professional cynic, medieval re-creationist (SCA), serious historian, unrepentant Southerner, polyamorist, semi-retired gamer, avid reader, little l libertarian, philosophical conservative (change is BAD), and social liberal (he doesn’t care what you do – just don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses – and don’t expect him to pay for it). and he edited his own bio.

Auntie: over 40, wife to Uncle L, quiet secondary relationship with OLM for about 5 years, OLM’s birthing support person (in the OR even!), elated to have a strong caring relationship with WCB, strongly opinionated yet generally taciturn, wry, and soft hearted.
Stats: knitter, sports enthusiast, runner, medical professional, semi-professional cynic, medieval re-creationist (SCA), unrepentant Southerner & Vols fan, foodie, feminist, polyamorist, avid mystery reader, cat lover, democrat, and social liberal.

Mommysmom: Recently moved to within a 2 hour drive (used to live 22 hours away.)

Grandma S: Lives across town with Grandpop T. Technically a step grandma, but we toally don’t think of it that way.

Grandpop T: Grandpop T,  OLM’s dad.


9 Responses to “Scorecard of players”

  1. Lamont Cranston Says:

    The “Yankee” part is self-described, and dogmatically clung to as she picks up more and more southern mannerisms (and manners).

    I’ll never forget the time she referred to the War Between the States and said “we lost.” Her eyes got the size of dinner plates and she clapped her hands over her mouth like she’s just said a dirty word in front of her momma.


  2. Auntie K Says:

    Likes: TWCB tm, chocolate, trauma free days

    Dislikes: ATVs, Motorcycles and other WMDs

    Agrres with Uncle L. Mommy was cute when “we” lost the Civil War 🙂

  3. Lamont Cranston Says:

    Of COURSE I edited my own bio. The one she wrote read “woodworker,”

    That’s it woodworker and a comma.

    She’s known me for fifteen years, and that’s what she could come up with.


  4. Auntie K Says:

    Ok the description is well… a bit soft. Who thought this up?


  5. Auntie K Says:

    Wry and Soft hearted? What am I? A soft ER nurse?


  6. Auntie K Says:

    I’ll give you soft!!! Tylenol for everyone!!!!

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