Insights on English – Age 2.75

OK, when I signed on to be a mom, I did not realize I would be getting a crash course in just how unreasonable and illogical American English is.

WST is clearly working out the grammar and pronunciation ‘rules’ for her native language – and she wants us to follow them too.

WST – “I sleeped all by myself in my own bed.”  Me –  “Yes, you slept in your own bed.” WST – “Sleeped. ”  “Yes, you SLEPT in your own bed.” “No, No mommy, not slept – SLEEPED. SLEEPED!” (Clearly I am a total dim bulb.)

We’re having this trouble with all irregular past words – goed vs went, bited/bit, doed/did, blowed/blew, breaked/broke, catched/caught, dig/dug, etc. (Gosh there are a lot – see more.)

We’re also having trouble with plurals – everything gets an S – foots, mouses, mooses, gooses, childs, knifes, etc.

And this, of course, was inevitable:

WST – “Those are yours and these are mines.”  Me – “Mine” WST – “NO – MINES.”  Me- “You say mine – not mines. WST – Noooooooo! These are MINES – not Yours!”

So – in sympathy for my daughter struggling to be understood, I hereby declare “The English langauge is stupid!”

Now – on to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet and all their sounds…HA!


“Wait – Max & Emmy are coming too!”

Imaginary friends have arrived. Monday I had to load two imaginary friends in the van, get them buckled, take them to school with WST, open doors for them and explain them to the daycare teacher.

In the past week, WST has been more and more “talking to mid-air.” We’ve even been asked to feed her imaginary friends.  What was striking about this was how fast it happened. One day imaginary play required a prop of some sort.  The next she could eat “imaginary food.” A week later, we all became characters from “Dragon Tales.” A week later, imaginary friends. Wow.

And I had just been wondering when imaginary frieds started – I had a whole imaginary FAMILY I hung out with as a kid – for at least 3-5 years that I remember. And I can only remember from about 4 yrs old on…

After long (long) silence…

Ok, clearly I have been too busy BEING one lucky mommy to document being one lucky mommy.  Really, life is good – hectic – but good.

At Uncle L’s urging to post, I am going to try a new approach – at least once weekly updates – even if VERY short “notes from the field.”  I will also try to finally get documented (in longer posts) both the “sleep saga” and the “breasfeeding experiment” from the 1st two years- as I feel those may bring useful information or at least consolation to others.

To recap – I am an over 40 first time mom, with a 2.5 yr old girl, who works a 9-5 job.  The child is currently known as WST (World’s Smartest, Sweetest, Stubbonrest, Snottiest, fill-in-the-S-word-of-your-choice depending on the moment, Toddler). She used to be the Worl’d Cutest Baby (WCB). My partners in this adventure include two dads DaddyO and Daddy N (I am polyamorous) who also work (essentially) 9-5 jobs.  Also important in our lives are Uncle Lamont and Auntie  (part of our polyamorous group). The purpose of this blog is to talk about the cool, nifty, horrible, frustrating, fascinating things about being a mom.

A current snapshot of WST as it has clearly been 8 months since our last post:

  • Over 30 lbs (and mom can still haul her around!), 3 feet tall.  All parts functioning as normal, had ringworm a few months ago, requisite # of colds, and is currently (knock on wood) enjoying a 2 month “well” period.
  • Can wear her hair in quite respectable pony tails (about 6 inches long). When she chooses (“hairbows” are often “ow-y” and rejected. Combs are almost AWAYS rejected. Her hair styling generally looks like she just woke up and mom did nothing with it – ’cause that’s what happened.)
  • Has grown in leaps and bounds both congnitively and linguistically.  According to various development charts – she’s 1 to 1.5 yrs ahead of “average” – for what that’s worth.  Practically, this means that the 2.5 yr old legal negotiating has begun! And so has the daily astonishment that she said that or grasped that (we’ve totally started spelling stuff). She’s about average in math concepts.
  • About average in fine and gross motor skills – some frustration that she can’t draw/write what she wants, but loves to color/paint/chalk/marker, etc.  LOVES to climb and very intrepid. This makes her climbing skills…reason for concern (AH – that’s 20 feet in the air -AAAh!)
  • Generally eating reasonably well for 2.5. Discovered that she is “sensitive” to fresh tomatos – after about 15 seconds her face and hands (and anything else they contacted) are red and her mouth is stinging (tears). A drink, and wash makes symptoms go away in 5 minutes or so (thus this is NOT an allergy, just a ‘sensitivity’).  Overly processed tomato products don’t cause this, but we suspect they may have an effect on the other end.
  • Speaking of the other end, potty training is well under way after a long slow rambling start, plateau, and sudden stop/fall back.  Yesterday she wore panties for 4.5 hours without accident, having one “successful attempt” and then one “close but no cigar.” (We learned that todddlers should sit on potty BEFORE putting hand in warm bath water.)
  • She has been to her first full length film (How to Train Your Dragon) and has several strong television favorites (Sid the Science Kid, Caillou, Bob the Builder, Dragon Tales, Noddy, Dora – almost all PBS or PBS Sprout).  Her TV friends feature heavily in our lives even away from the TV.
  • She has begun to be able to tell us coherent snippets of her day. She grasps yesterday, tomorrow and today, later and before and after. “And then” features strongly in snippets with sequence.
  • Her personality at school has settled to “so smart” and “bossy,” but generally well-behaved at school. Strong-willed is also a phrase I’d use. Sunshine-y too.
  • “You can’t get me,”  “watch this,” “here goes nothing,” and “ready or not here I come,” have all entered our lives.

More small snippets to come – I promise!

WCT dispenses with mommy

I’ve read it.  I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. Over and over. I’ve rolled my eyes about it and nodded in patient sympathy.

But today, it happened to me – so you-all get to hear it. Feel free to eye roll and nod.

Today my “big girl” (not yet 23 months old) officially started in the “2-yr old” room at daycare.  She visited all during August, she knows the teachers, we’ve talked about it at home regularly, and chatted with her all weekend about “going to the big girl room” today. We were prepared – or so I thought.

So today, she held my hand as we walked in, bypassed her old room without even a wave, and at the doorway to her new room let go of my hand.  She simply walked in and up to her teacher, and then sat down as directed to start in on a pasting activity.

No “bye mommy.”  No tears.  No hesitation.

Wahhhh. Big girl already. Doesn’t need mommy.
(And I realize that this is only going to get worse!)

Thank you for your patience (and eye rolls).

[Note to self: Try REALLY hard to remember this feeling at 3am tonight when she calls out for mommy and needs me to put her back to sleep YET AGAIN.]

WCT is scary

Just so we’re all clear…we are beginning to be a little weirded out by our 20 month old who can sing the ABCs quite clearly and count up to eleven.  Not just recite up to eleven, but move objects from one place to another while stating a number for each object as she moves it.

Our under two year old who uses prepositional phrases like “Jump on the rug,” and idoms like “Where’d the panda bear go?”

But still won’t sleep through the night by herself, and is still clinging to her last 2 bottles per day.

Who went to the ocean for the first time ever last week and will tell you – spontaneously: “Ocean – [WST] ocean, sandbox, swimming.”  Who has grasped the concept of “home” (“Daddy home,” “Uncle [Lamont] all gone – Uncle [Lamont] his home.”)

Who can clearly say almost all the correct syllables to “Ring around the Rosey, Pocket full of (osey), Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down,”  and invites you to “dance” with her.

Who has begun rejecting the bath, and picking out her own clothes and shoes. Who in 4 short unstructured pool sessions, is able to put her mouth under water and not end up coughing and gagging at least 50% of the time, who can slip under the water and not emerge crying, or gagging (although clearly non-plussed).

Remind me again – was it just a little over a year ago that I was DESPerate for her to finally get beyond the cry, eat, poop stage?  Ye GADS we can’t keep up! 

Welcome to the roller coaster – be sure to put on your seat belts  – ALL of them!

Words update – March 2009

What we are doing now is communicating – and all that implies.  WCB is beginning to state opinions “no, mama, no!”  and hold grudges against the person who made her mad or didn’t listen to her (grudges take the form of pushing you away for an undefined amount of time, so far no more than 15 minutes, and often less than 5).

Here is a list of her expressive vocabulary at this time (to the best of my recollection):

  • Animals (14): Kitty, dog, bear, duck, hippo, bird, giraffe, frog, tiger, monkey, armadillo, mouse, moose, turtle.  (bunny, bee, chicken, dino, lion, cow, & gorilla have happened, but not reliably) Can you tell we read a lot of animal books?
  • Things(15): ball, box, star,  baby, book,  tree, bath, marker,  pillow,  wagon, car, umbrella, door, potty, stool, balloon, bubbles. (flower, blocks, moon,  blanket, & amber, have happened, but not reliably)
  • Clothes(5): sock & socks, shoe, hat, coat. (pants, shirt, diaper have happened, but not reliably)
  • Food words(12): Cheese, apple, bottle, cup, water, fish, o’s (cheerios), puffs, banana, chair (highchair only), bread, grapes,
  • Body words (13): Toe, eye, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, belly, elbow, knee, back, head, burp (used for all percussive body sounds), & “boh-boh” which is an all encompassing “diaper related body parts” word she seems to have come up with on her own – or at daycare. I think she also knows butt – as in wiggle butt.
  • Expressions (9): No, Nah, Yes, uh huh, ow, uh oh, yea, bonk, bop
  • Abstract concepts (7): Up, down, upside down, (what’s) this, (what’s) that, more, hot, cold, red, blue, and “poo poo” – meaning, generally, “something in my diaper…maybe.”
  • Verbs (2): dance, bite, eat (hand sign only)
  • Names (7+): Mama, Dada, Elmo, George (as in Curious), Pooh, Melissa, Ruth, Eva (and reportedly other kids’ names at at school). She has picked up names for Uncle L and Auntie K, and we are working on grandma and grandpa, but have nothing reliable so far.

So that’s like 90 word-sounds she makes that we can decypher, and  so many more that we cannot yet sort out.  And that is up from less than 10 in TWO MONTHS!  Somewhere, I missed that it would be this fast in the childrearing books.

Her receptive vocabulary and understanding is far more advanced. We are starting to be able to use LOGIC in in our conversations with her.  “Shoes & socks?”  “NO shoes!”  “You have to put on shoes and sock to go see grandma – shoes and socks to see grandma?”   [Big smile and nod] “Yes!”

And she can identify the letter O in her books.  Thanks Cheerios!

To PBJ or not to PBJ


So – what are folks recommendations on peanuts/peanut butter?

My books say not until 2 years old or older – may trigger peanut allergies.

Her doctor says, after a year, it is up to you – the jury is still out.

As a vegetarian, I’d like to offer PB.

Daycare is happily feeding peanut butter to all the other 1 year olds, except the ONE with a known Peanut allergy.

None of us have ever had a peanut allergy.  We LOVE peanuts.