Story Journal #1

It has begun.

Wonderful, amazing, fascinating concepts and stories made up by/with my child. Not just snippets or insights, but pure imagination.

I though I’d try to record some in this blog, starting with last nights’ gems, during our rides to and from the used book store.

WST – “It’s  rocket ship mommy, let’s blast off!”

OLM – “4, 3, 2, 1 – blast off! Where are we going?”

WST – “I don’t know – it’s dark.” (broad daylight out)

OLM – “How about we go to Saturn? Explore the rings of Saturn?” (WST nods) “Will we see aliens there? What will they look like? What color? How many arms?”

WST – “Two arms, and eight legs. They have two eyes and one nose. Two heads.”

OLM  – “How many toes? What color is the alien?”

WST – “Three toes.  Green – like a snake.”

OLM – “Wow, 8 legs and three toes each – that’s a lot of toes! 24!

(Cut off by arrival at bookstore – 45 minute trip inside the book store later)

WST – “Blast off mommy!”

OLM – “Oh, um, right…4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off!”

WST – “There weren’t any aliens mommy. No Aliens.”

OLM – “Oh, hmmm…no, there were no aliens there. Um, no aliens on Saturn. Well, where else would we find aliens? Where should we go?  Mars? Jupiter? Pluto?”

WST – “PLUTO! Let’s go to Pluto mommy!”

OLM – “Brr it’s cold on Pluto – do you have mittens for cold Pluto?”

WST – (mimes putting on mittens) “And a hat, brrr cold.” (mimes putting on hat)

OLM – “It’s cold on Pluto – what will we see there in the cold?”

WST – “SNOW! Oh, I need to take my shoes off” (takes off velcro-strap shoes) “I need boots for snow.” (mimes putting boots on)

OLM – “Don’t take your shoes…oh…um…What will you do on Pluto?”

WST – “Build a snow man and play – Oh! I forgot a jacket.” (mimes putting jacket on) “What will YOU do mommy?”

OLM – ” I will look back at the earth and see how tiny it is.  I will dig a big hole in the snow…”

WST – “to catch the aliens…”

OLM – “Um hmm…what do the aliens look like on cold Pluto? What color – in the snow like on Pluto?”

WST – “Green – and furry – like Elmo.”

OLM – “Curly fur all over like Elmo? Only green?”

WST – “Nooooo, fur like [friend with curly blond hair at school]. And the aliens are afraid.”

OLM – “Oh, what are the aliens afraid of?”

WST – sotto voce “Monsters!”

OLM – “Monsters!  What do the monsters look like?”

WST – ” Black.  And scary.  Green. Black and Green and scary teeth.”

and then we were distracted by home approaching – which is sad, because I wanted to know what happened next…