Learning things the hard way #1

Ok, I call this # one – not becausee it is the first tmie WSPs (World’s Smartest PreSchooler) has learned something the hard way, but because it is the first full post I’ve made about an episode (I think).

Day Care teaches many tings, and WSPs has been spouting many phrases learned from peers (and teachers) without having a good grasp of what they really mean.  One recent phrase has been, “Mommy, I busted my lip.”  Usually this is accompanied by tears and drama at a relatively low level.  And it has been met with both hugs, and “Is it bleeding? No? Then you haven’t really busted your lip,” followed by a basic explanatin of ‘busted lip’ means you actually split the skin and it bled. 

This is met, of course, with mild pouting and disgust – mom is so unsympathietic to drama. Sometimes I even get rolled eyes or a sharp sound indicating that I am NOT in favor and should be quiet now.

Yeah, you can see where this post is going – TONIGHT we learned what and ACTUAL split lip was.  REAL screams of pain and outrage, real tears, blood, and a sore and swollen lip.  And I couldn’t help myself, I did actually say, “Now you know what a busted lip is,”…um…several times.  That’s right, I essentially said I told you so to a 3.5 yr old. Repeatedly.

And felt somewhat smug about it too.

The bleeding stopped very quickly, and the tears stopped almost immediately after that (and a bunch of cuddles). There was some affronted complaint that “it still hurts” up until bedtime and a lot of playing with the swollen and puffy lip. (“Sweetie, if it hurts, stop playing with it.”)

And of course WHERE did this take place? And WHY?

At the Grocery store, in the affluent part of town. Because we were letting her run around  in the store and get tired out before bed. I’m sure her screams could be heard in all corners of the store. Sigh.

So not only am I a bad parent for rubbing in the I told you so, I am also a bad parent for letting her act inappropriately in public and get hurt in the first place.

Interestingly, I’m not actually feeling all that bad about it.  For one thing, she has a better grip on a phrase/concept, and may use this episode to slow herself down when running.  For another thing, she’s sleeping soundly tonight (whoot!).

And some things you have to learn about parenting the hard way….several times…before they really sink in/you change your behavior.