Parent Hacks

Just found this web site – thanks to Martinimade:

Parent Hacks:

Cool tricks/thoughts from and for real parents. I was prety happy with “fingerpaint in the bathtub” – and in gerneral it seems an upbeat site, good for a laugh now and then.


E-mail Spam turns out GREAT!

Like me, you probably get a LOT of e-mail spam.  Like me, you probably have spam filters that catch much of it, but some still gets through – banks, sex, “enhancement,” and, lately, “buy our baby stuff.”  Like me you probably spend a lot of time deleting spam.

So today, I got this spam e-mail, [picture supressed] “You are invited to participate in…”  Oh, man, I say, more spam. but then I read on, “…Just one more Book!! a free online audio program (podcast) that promotes and celebrates literacy and great children’s books — without advertising or sponsorship of any kind.”  Yeah, right, I’ll just hit dele…

Wait.  I LOVE children’s books.  WCB gets 6-8 stories before bed every night.  And random stories throughout the day.  If these guys are for real, I might really be missing a good thing.  I waffled.  Then I clicked the link.  I was cynical.  I cruised the web page.  I read the About page.  I listened to a 5 min podcast on “I’m not cute.”  Ok, I said – these folks look legit. And WAY COOL.

I spent 30 mins out of my day checking out children’s books online – some off of their web site, some jumping off from other sites, some – just because they are my favorites.  So – some spam is GOOD.

I’ve linked to them over on the right, and I’ve subscribed to their rss feed.  I may not listen to everything, but I want a regular reminder to take a moment and frolic in the world of children’s literature.

(OK – more moments than I already have – every day.  perhaps what I want is to frolic in the world of children’s literature I haven’t read 30 times already.)

Geek Moment – Web pages in node graphics

OK Geek moment – I found the cool link below on Our Level Of Awareness today.   Not only was it fascinating, but also pretty.  Try it out.

Then I read her Independence Day post.  I love it.  I too plan to teach the WCB to be difficult. 

‘course at this moment – that looks like it’s going to be an easy task. [NO biting the mommy! NO BITING!!]

Martini anyone?

I’ve been reading this blog  by Adrienne Martini for about a month now – and I find it simply fun.

I don’t always agree with her politics – but I like her writing and her insights into everyday life, and herself.

Although I think SHE thinks it is cheating – I am especially fond of her “many things make a post” posts.  There’s always something way interesting in there somewhere. Today I was fascinated by “literary tattoos.”

Adrienne is a professional writer, a knitter, and mother of two (?).  Enjoy.