How do you spell M&Ms?

So we discovered recently that you can’t effectively “spell”  M&Ms over the head of a perceptive toddler.   “Later she can have some E-M E-Ms” lead directly to: “I like M&Ms – can I have some M&Ms?”

We’ve started saying “middle-of-the-alphabets” instead.


To PBJ or not to PBJ


So – what are folks recommendations on peanuts/peanut butter?

My books say not until 2 years old or older – may trigger peanut allergies.

Her doctor says, after a year, it is up to you – the jury is still out.

As a vegetarian, I’d like to offer PB.

Daycare is happily feeding peanut butter to all the other 1 year olds, except the ONE with a known Peanut allergy.

None of us have ever had a peanut allergy.  We LOVE peanuts.

Science underlying picky eaters?

This post from Personal Effects/American Farmer crossed my desk today, and while interesting, and something that I can in general go along with , I’d like to see some actual science references to go with it. 

Online research into bitter taste buds anyone?

WCB “ate” her first apples this weekend. On her own she discovered the ones we have delightedly harvested for the first time at this house (no cedar rust this year), and had to be stopped from biting once or twice every apple in the bins.  Given her own apple or 2, she bit, and *chewed* (gummed?) little pieces and “ate” bits of her OWN apples! [And only threw up once.]

This week – bananas, carrots, canned peas and sweet potato pieces are on the list to try as finger foods…

The speed of change

MAN – what they don’t tell you is how just when you think you’ve got it, it is time to do the next step/thing.  As a matter of fact, the FACT that your child has gotten comfortable with something is the *sign* that you need to move on to something new.  Sigh.

So -WCB is finally sleeping “through the night” in her own crib*. Um, well, for the following definitions of “through the night” and “in her crib”:

  • WCB has learned to go to sleep in 5-15 mins after lights out, and can be transferred from mom’s arms to crib in about 45mins (although it is often an hour to 1.5 hrs later as I fall asleep at about the same time that WCB does and then OLM has to be wakened by Daddy-N to put WCB to bed).  
  • WCB sleeps completely through the night 1-2 times per week, has only one wake up 3-4 times per week and has multiple wakings per night only 1-2 times per week.  
  • Upon night waking, she can return to sleep in her crib with between 2-10 mins of pats and/or “hold my hand” 4 times out of 5, and needs to sleep a chunk of the night with an adult only maybe 1-2 times a week. 
  •  MOM spends 65-70% of her sleep time IN HER OWN BED, in chunks of 4-6 hours at a time – whoop!
  • Daddy-N has successfully taken several “Friday nights” with WCB to give mom a break (usually to pack, do bills, or be sick). And WCB is OK with this.

SO – can we celebrate? Noooooo – now we have to teach her to fall asleep in her own bed.  And to go through her bedtime routine/go to sleep with a Daddy (with no mommy at all). That’s September’s project.  And part of me asks – why?  What we have is working SO WELL!  And the answer is – because we are GOOD parents. We want her to develop independence, adaptability, and good sleep habits.  If we were bad parents, we’d only do what was convenient for US – not what was best for WCB (or at least a compromise between the two that allows us to stay sane).

Similarly, WCB has pretty much gotten used to stage 2 foods served to her 3 times a day.  She can eat easily dissolved crackers/cookies by herself.  She drinks ALL her formula bottles without much trauma (I wish I could tell the lady that was me back in Month #2 that this would EVER happen).  So now we have to give her chunkier foods and teach her to use a sippy cup [both of which changes she is resisting, of course].   She likes her food and formula tepid to warm – cold food is not food.  So we have to get her used to cold foods. She can’t move on to the Toddler room in daycare at age 1 unless she can feed herself fairly independently.  That’s about a month away – so MORE stuff to do in September….Sigh.

She’s walking like a trooper and investigating EVERYTHING – so now we have to get her used to shoes. And limits, and gates, and child-proofing of drawers and cupboards.  She can climb out of the big bathtub (smart girl!) so now we have to teach her the word NO!  Sigh.

Being a parent is hard.  And mean.  Being a toddler is hard. And stressful.  And there are no vacations. Change is constant, and FAST.

Good thing we love each other  🙂  Cuteness RULES!

*part of the yet-to-be-written “SLEEP SAGA.”  I’ll get there, I’ll get there – just let me get this room clean, and change this diaper, and pay this bill, and…