About this Blog

I am one lucky mommy, because…

  • After trying for 3 years, I became pregnant at 40 and delivered via cesarean a happy and heathy child  2 months after I turned 41. 
  • I have more support than the average mom – my child has two fathers (and I have two ‘husbands’). We have been in a healthy functioning polyamorous relationship for over 10 years. In addition, the baby and I have the support of a special and loving couple who have been part of our polyamorous family for over 9 years.
  • I have WONDERFUL friends and family who have all welcomed my child into their lives and provide me with daily support and love.
  • I have a career I love that gives me satisfaction daily.

This blog is my attempt to document some of my thoughts and experiences as an older first time working mommy.  As I started it 7 months after my child was born, some of my posts are reflections of what it was like to be pregnant, give birth, and be a newborn’s mom; and others are more current – “what is going on now.”  I hope to provide useful info to older or first time working moms – products, tips, “stuff they don’t tell you,” etc. that I had trouble finding on the web for myself.

It is also a place for me to reflect on parenting and family issues for polyamorous families.  I am attempting to keep it anonymous because some parts of our lives are not comfortable with this lifestyle.  Likely, if you know our family well, you can figure out who we are – but please help us stay anonymous. If you know us, ask before you link to this blog.

I hope you find my blog entries useful, fun, and or funny.

Oh – note, I review everyone’s comments to keep spam off my blog.  Please do not take it personally that your comments get held.


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