There is Safety in Moms…

Interesting advice from a letter in the NY Times (in reactions to yet another tragic child killing story):


 July 15, 2011   To the Editor:  Safety Lesson for Children

 Re “Boy’s Killing Causes Parents in the City to Ponder Their Worst Nightmare”  (, news article, July 14):

 As your article points out, generations of parents have taught children, if lost, to “look for someone in uniform.” But it can be hard to find a police officer on patrol, and to a little kid, a person in a uniform can be just about anything, and as we’ve seen on repeated and awful occasions, not necessarily someone intent on protecting a child.

 It is time for a new message. What parents need to teach little kids is that if they are lost or confused, they should reach out to a mom. A mom is most likely to pass a child on to safety.

 It is a simple but urgent lesson.

 SARAH CRICHTON, Brooklyn, July 15, 2011

Interesting that WST (now really a WSPs), when lost, tends to automatically go up to someone else who has a child…or a grandmotherly old lady…

Yeah, I’ve been quiet a while  – and I note I have 4 draft posts in the queue…plus another dozen running around in my head.  Still kinda too busy living motherhood to stop and comment on it much, but I’d like to do better…


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