Merry Christmas to Us – the Parents

So I dropped WST at daycare today – all dressed up for her Christmas party, with cookies she helped decorate and select for her classmates, the appropriate toys/gifts for the party, and a striped santa hat.

As I was peeling her out of her coat (and lovely crocheted sweater, that NEVER stays on for more than 30 minutes), the head of the daycare stopped to tell me:

“WST has the best manners of any child here – she is just so polite.”

I said thank you, and noted that we rolled high on the “desire to please” genetic code, and wrestled my child to class, told the teacher a half dozen things, signed her in, and got in my car with that realeived sigh I always give when I have released my parental responsibility for the day and can now worry about other things.

Then I thought about that. Really thought about it.  The previous day had been an odd one – weather making daycare open late with low staff, so the Daycare head had to fill in and likely had several hours direct exposure to WST during the day.  And she was so impressed she went out of her way to tell me.  They have over 50 kids (OK some of them babies), and she was impressed with MY child’s manners.

Wow.  Just wow.

The more I thought about it, the more choked up I got. I was actually weeping when I pulled into the parking garage for work.  What a wonderful Christmas present for us, her parents.  Confirmation that we are doing something right. That we are GOOD parents.

That sigh I give every day after I drop her off? That’s the sigh of  “Can stop being responsible/in charge/perfect now.”  Every moment of every day that I am with her is always, in some part, about “doing it right.” Every action, statement, activity, and slothful moment in front of the TV is judged and compared to what *I think* I should be doing to give her a happy childhood, and support her growth into a neat adult person.  And I know the dads do that too – they worry, “Are we doing this right?” “Could we be doing this better?” “Was that a mistake?” “Are we spoiling her?”

So it is really a great thing to get a spontaneous confirmation like that.  What a wonderful gift to give a parent.

So thank you again. Thank you so very much.
That means the world to me/us.

Pass it on.
Tell a parent what they are doing right this holiday season.
Make their day.


2 Responses to “Merry Christmas to Us – the Parents”

  1. Lamont Cranston Says:

    My standards are lower.

    Perfect parent = baby not on fire?


  2. stream of continuousness Says:

    what a great mindset you have. almost your first thought was to pass on the joy to others. I love that about you.

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