No Rest for the Weary

DaddyN sent this article to me today:

Increased Risk of Death in Men With Insomnia and a Short Sleep Duration

Now this is important to us/him as he has always had insomnia problems and lately they have been so bad he’s had a sleep study done, and is on assistive medication, etc. The gist of this article is:

Compared to men without insomnia who slept for six hours or more, men with chronic insomnia who slept for less than six hours were four times more likely to die during the 14-year follow-up period.

*I*, however, noted the following statement in paragraph 2:

No significant mortality risk was found in women with insomnia and a short sleep duration of less than six hours.*

Why of COURSE NOT.  GUYS whose sleep is regularly interrupted and who can’t get back to sleep get the EASY out – they get the ULTIMATE REST BREAK.  While those of use who care for infants and children – who seem to be hardwired to wake up at every peep…do WE get a lucky break like that?! Nooooooo…

Sorry if I seem bitter….WST *IS* so getting better at sleep. I may get 2, 3, or even 4 uninterrupted nights of sleep per week now-a-days. But I admit to being pretty tired of being tired…

*At the end of the article they note that they followed up on women for 10.4 years on average as compared to 14 years for men, and that actually may have affected the results…


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