Imponderables #1

You can never seem to find ALL of the monkeys from a barrel of monkeys.  I keep finding random monkeys in highly unlikely places – how do they DO that?

Why does the act of trying to cleaning a child’s room immediately trigger that child to come and drag all their toys out and play with them?

How does underwear suddenly become unacceptable overnight?  The panties she screamed to wear last night are totally shunned when getting dressed in the morning? (Good thing we have LOTS, she wears like 2-3 pairs a day.)

Why is it that the ONE thing the child wants at bedtime is always something that was left at school, or over grandma’s house?

Why does she always shut her door when she gets up in the middle of the night?  It’s handy, mind you, for waking me up/telling me she is up, but if she was quiet, she could get into all kinds of things – even rummage in the candy.  But no, she slams the door shut as she heads towards the bathroom at 2am….

Just thought I’d share. These kinds of questions keep piling up….