Hair Trauma – growing older may mean “spending”

Reading this post from Bri over on My Level of Awareness has inspired me to share my own current hair thoughts – trauma.

Sadly (for me), I  am finally contemplating a professional salon for my hair.  I’ve tried it perhaps a half-dozen times in my life (going all the way back to when I was 12) and was satisfied maybe three of the 4 times and exited in tears at least twice (BAD perm AND hair cut – wanted Darryl Hanna in Spash – got Def Lepard’s Rick Savage).

I am, needless to say, trepidatious. Not only am I an incredibly tight-fisted person when it comes to my appearance and what I consider “luxuries”, but a large portion of my identity is wrapped up in having long hair, and my experience is that stylists think “long” is just past your shoulders and try to convince you the same.  I also have zero time and patience in my life for “personal prep” – my usual hair treatment is “comb it and go” – perhaps putting it in a scrunchie –  and makeup happens like maybe once a year.

But I need/want to look more professional, and my hair has changed with age (gasp) and pregnancy, and I am becoming resigned to a need to change my habits if I want to feel good about myself in the mirror.

I’m going to have to spend time and money on it.  Ouch.


3 Responses to “Hair Trauma – growing older may mean “spending””

  1. stream of continuousness Says:

    or maybe just learn different ways of pulling it up? I for one can tell you that I did NOT enjoy having shorter hair. And anything that a stylist has to mess with to make it look good won’t work for a busy mommy who is used to just wash-n-go.

    Not trying to feed the trepidation here, but you do have reasons to be cautious.

  2. Robbin Says:

    Scary yes. But I still wear mine long – it’s just isn’t butt-long. It’s bra-strap long.

    And actually EASIER.

  3. Lamont Cranston Says:

    Trust me, when she sez “shorter” she means all the way up to her shoulder blades.


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