Insights on English – Age 2.75

OK, when I signed on to be a mom, I did not realize I would be getting a crash course in just how unreasonable and illogical American English is.

WST is clearly working out the grammar and pronunciation ‘rules’ for her native language – and she wants us to follow them too.

WST – “I sleeped all by myself in my own bed.”  Me –  “Yes, you slept in your own bed.” WST – “Sleeped. ”  “Yes, you SLEPT in your own bed.” “No, No mommy, not slept – SLEEPED. SLEEPED!” (Clearly I am a total dim bulb.)

We’re having this trouble with all irregular past words – goed vs went, bited/bit, doed/did, blowed/blew, breaked/broke, catched/caught, dig/dug, etc. (Gosh there are a lot – see more.)

We’re also having trouble with plurals – everything gets an S – foots, mouses, mooses, gooses, childs, knifes, etc.

And this, of course, was inevitable:

WST – “Those are yours and these are mines.”  Me – “Mine” WST – “NO – MINES.”  Me- “You say mine – not mines. WST – Noooooooo! These are MINES – not Yours!”

So – in sympathy for my daughter struggling to be understood, I hereby declare “The English langauge is stupid!”

Now – on to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet and all their sounds…HA!


One Response to “Insights on English – Age 2.75”

  1. starrynightcoach Says:

    She sounds a lot like my little boy. He always says that he’s saying it right and I’m saying it wrong when I try to teach him about the weird irregularities in English.

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