Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Mom

I recently read this:  For Comfort, Mom’s Voice Works as Well as a Hug

…and thought immediately of my mom.  I did call her on and around Mother’s day, but yeah, just hearing her voice generally makes me feel better.

I also note that this explains why WST (even when WCB) would calm down almost immediately with a phone call when I was on the road for work.

I did wonder, however, what if your mom was a…um…stressful person for  you to be around?  Would the effects be the same?


3 Responses to “Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Mom”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    In short, in answer to your last question: yes.

  2. stream of continuousness Says:

    My mom has always been a stress relationship for me, so I can certainly answer your last question – NO.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    I misread that last question and my answer reflects it (note to self again: read all of the words and make sure you understand them in sequence). My mom is stressful and her voice induces stress. In fact, I spent last night having those fun anxiety dreams because I’d talked to her before going to bed. Oy.

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