“Wait – Max & Emmy are coming too!”

Imaginary friends have arrived. Monday I had to load two imaginary friends in the van, get them buckled, take them to school with WST, open doors for them and explain them to the daycare teacher.

In the past week, WST has been more and more “talking to mid-air.” We’ve even been asked to feed her imaginary friends.  What was striking about this was how fast it happened. One day imaginary play required a prop of some sort.  The next she could eat “imaginary food.” A week later, we all became characters from “Dragon Tales.” A week later, imaginary friends. Wow.

And I had just been wondering when imaginary frieds started – I had a whole imaginary FAMILY I hung out with as a kid – for at least 3-5 years that I remember. And I can only remember from about 4 yrs old on…


One Response to ““Wait – Max & Emmy are coming too!””

  1. starrynightcoach Says:

    Cute!! My boy’s imaginary friends were his imaginary brother and sister. People wouldn’t realize that he was making it up, since most people have a brother or sister. I’m trying to remember when they first showed up… it was somewhere in the 2-3 age range.

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