Parent Hacks

Just found this web site – thanks to Martinimade:

Parent Hacks:

Cool tricks/thoughts from and for real parents. I was prety happy with “fingerpaint in the bathtub” – and in gerneral it seems an upbeat site, good for a laugh now and then.


2 Responses to “Parent Hacks”

  1. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    I remember seeing paints made of colored squeezable soap once. Sort of finger-painting WITH soap if you will. The ad had kids painting the entire tub then when you run the water into the tub all the soap turned into a colorful bubble bath.

  2. oneluckymommy Says:

    Daddy-O got bathub markers in his stocking for Christmas – he gets to try out “coloring in the tub” with WCB first.

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