Cure for Insomnia

So, I’ve generally not had trouble getting to sleep in my life, but when I do, I have stuff I think about that helps me relax and go to sleep. [OK the 3 months after WCB was born don’t count – hormones were involved.]

When I was a kid, I used to think about each of the bedrooms in the house, and if I was sleeping in that bed, where would the door be? and what would be on the left? and what would be behind me? etc.  If I ran out of bedrooms in our house, I’d do my grandmother’s house, where at Thanksgiving we’d sleep folks in almost every room… I don’t think I ever stayed awake for all of her house. Something about the methodical-ness and the complexity of the thoughts seems to help me drift off.

When I was a teenager I used to think about…well, that was the hormonal period.  ‘Nuf said.

As an adult, one of my most common was “When I have a child, I will…” and the senarios I’d dream up would help me drop off.  Funny – this one doesn’t work any more.  It leads to fret and worry – NOT conducive to sleep. At least the hormonal anxiety is finally gone. Ick – I don’t like being ruled by my chemicals.

Recently I realized I have a new method for falling asleep.  I write blog posts in my head.  And fall asleep usually around the 2nd or third composition.  Somehow “writing” in my head about all the things that have happened to me and WCB (et al) relaxes me and sends me off (methodical and complex again!).  Funny how a lot of these late night posts never seem to make it to the blog…of course the 20 lb, zillion-mile-an-hour-whirlwind in the house might have something to do with sucking up all my time. 😉

Blogging as a cure for insomnia…I’m sure it has been done before.


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