Quote for the day – Kleenex


WCB: “Achoo, cough cough cough…snooork”

Oneluckymommy: “That’s ok, dear, mommy is just one big Kleenex anyway.”

[Said to WCB as she wiggles and crawls face down all over mommy while making horrible sinus sounds.]

WCB can go from freshly scrubbed to “Dirty-faced kid” in a 10 minute car ride.  And of course – she just LOVES having her face washed.  You’d think we were using a cheese grater from the howls we get.

How *does* a toddler get snot in her eyebrows, on the back of her elbow, and behind her ears anyway?  Oh, and did you know that it dries mostly clear when NOT gathered in clumps beneath the nose?  So it is like “stealth snot” encountered only, of course, when you take her out of the car seat at whatever destination you just cleaned her up for.

Important mom tip: It is impossible to measure your self-worth as a mom by the cleanliness of your child’s face.


2 Responses to “Quote for the day – Kleenex”

  1. robbinlynn Says:

    Oh, good LORD no. Don’t even try.

    And let’s not even get started on the state of my dear can’t-keep-his-shoes-on son’s feet.

  2. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    I have GOT to learn not to read your posts with a mug of tea in my hand.

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