Life Lessons from Toddlers – #24

A co-worker and I were chatting about how evidently some of our customers and collegues have not yet learned  (or generalized) the issue WCB is currently learning:

Toddler Life Lesson #24: Sometimes the physical world simply does not work the way you want it too.

  • You cannot pull your fist with a toy in it through the chair back slots.
  • You cannot stand up under your 18′ high activity center
  • You cannot fit your round little self through the slot between the bookcase and the ottoman (and thus escape to the rest of the house).
  • Going head first off the couch means your head hits the floor first – with emphasis. Gravity works.

And thus applied to the modern workplace: You cannot have high resolution, large sized video on the web with a fast download time.  Sorry – one or the other, but not both.

Interestingly – both WCB and the adults protest in the same way.  They keep trying to make it work their way while whining and protesting a lot.  Also interestingly, I react in the same way: annoyance, amusement, and a certain lack of concern.  Eventually, everyone has to learn that physics is a bitch. (WCB seems to be picking it up pretty quickly – wonder how I get through to the collegues?)


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