Let the Bells Ring Out!

Whoot Whoot!  WCB is a BONA FIDE toddler as of yesterday (July 11, 2008). 

When I dropped her off at day care yesterday, she showed off her wobbly, hesitant one-step-then-fall-down skills to her teacher.

When I picked her up 6 hours later, she could actually toddle, with pauses, 5-6 feet (across a small room). Before she went to bed, she walked 4 steps quickly & with confidence. (Still no bending her knees yet.)

Just to review, the time line for this gross motor genius was:

  • in 1st 2 weeks – likes pressure/pats on soles of her feet (creates smiles)
  • roughly 1 mo – takes weight on her feet when held vertically, likes bouncies on her feet
  • 2mo 3 wks – can be pulled up to sitting position with head mostly held up (assists in process)
  • 3 mo – can be pulled up to sitting with head up & then to standing with most of her weight on her feet
  • 3 mo 2 wks – startles mom by pulling straight up to her feet with no pause for sitting (loves to do this ove the next 3 months)
  • 4 mo 2 wks – lifts head and torso when on belly, rolls over regularly front to back
  • 5 mo 2 wks – remains sitting up without support (can’t sit up on her own)
  • 6 mo – can stand – with assistance for balance only, can get into sitting position on her own
  • 7 mo – cruising, hesitantly and with some falling, can get to hands and knees and rock
  • 8 mo – cruising confidently with wiiide stretches to reach toys or new supports, crawls 1-2 “steps”
  • 8 mo 1 wk – stands on own for 3-5 seconds, some crawling, can bend down and pick up toy
  • 8 mo 2 wks – stands on own for 5-7 seconds, takes first hesitant step, crawling smoother
  • 8 mo, 3 wks – regularly standing while chewing on toy 5-10 secs, crawling with confidence
  • 9 mo, 3 days – taking 2-3 small hesitant steps, crawls while pushing toy
  • 9 mo, 1 wk – toddling!

No words yet, ‘tho, and we’re still on step one foods roughly twice a day…but by GOSH we’re locomotin’!

Pray for us. (Whichever god or gods you like – wait, not Loki ‘tho…)


4 Responses to “Let the Bells Ring Out!”

  1. Lamont Craston Says:

    I’ve tried to explain to WCB that that the standing ovations are going to be harder to get as she gets older.

    But she’s not listening yet.


  2. robbinlynn Says:

    Just remember I told you this:

    Walking. Is. Overrated.

    Child control gets exponentially more difficult from this point onward.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    You might discover that WCB sleeps a lot more than normal during the next couple of weeks. Unless, of course, she doesn’t. Still, don’t be surprised if she sneaks in a little more shut-eye. Walking is *hard*.

  4. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    now aren’t you glad you blog? 😉 How else would all of us out-of-town-but-highly-interested-people keep up with the WCB ????

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