Great Leaping Bounds

WCB is developing in great leaping bounds. In the past month she has gotten 2 more teeth, (6 total), learned to cruise with confidence, crawl when cruising simply won’t work, and stand on her own for 5-7 seconds at a time. She has taken a single step a few times – in order to try to reach something she wants – falling promptly on her rear, but clearly understanding how it is *supposed* to work. We have no actual words yet, but a consistant “KKKKkkkkKKKkkk” sound for Kitties, an all purpose “check it out’ “DAh,” and very angry “gigggg gigggg, ghigg” when mad at us.  This week has marked a dramatic increase in two way communication including clapping, waving, smiling and then checking for a response, as well as a singnficant increase in the usual incomprehensible verbage.

She’s going through separation anxiety – pretty well, but I am clearly THE mommy, to be clutched when things are too strange. [Daddy-O and Daddy N have received their share of wails and fuss when they leave the room as well – way to go US, we formed a family!]  She’s finally maturing in her sleep patterns – sleeping in a wide range of positions and shifting on her own (although this may be the cause some of her remaining night wakenings), sleeping more and more frequently in her crib for 4-6 hours a night (with mommy thankfully in her OWN bed!).

She is eating solid food twice a day as of this week, formula 5-6 times a day and is pretty much essentially weaned (I tried again this am – no more than 1 minute per breast  – totally disinterested.)  Just this week she has evinced a desire for 8oz bottles (up from 6oz).  She is always very interested in what we are eating, but- we have learned the hard way-CANNOT HAVE ANY SOLID FOOD yet.  She chokes and throws up ALL of whatever is in her tummy.  Great survival reflex.  Not so hot on the cleanup and nurishment end of things. Only good thing is that tossing her cookies (literally) does not seem to greatly upset her – except for the face and handwiping parts.

Suddenly it is all so fast – EVERYTHING is happening so FAST!  I thought I had time to baby proof.  Now I have to get the hallway fixed up as a paly area asap before she starts walking and running!  She’s almost grown out of hand-me-downs I just took out of the closet – she may wear them only once or twice at most.  Instead of thinking of clothes as good for “9-12 months” I am now thinking “maybe through July, ok this one too big – try again in 2 weeks,” etc.

Good GRAVY, her birthday is in THREE MONTHS!  She’ll be a one year old in 90 DAYS!  I swear, I JUST turned around and POOF – I have a budding toddler.

There is NO way I can go back and tell myself this during those dark days last October and November.  Those endless days when I was painfully wading through each minute of each hour of each part of each day.

So much learning, so much growing. So soon an independant, defiant, wonderous personality all her own.



4 Responses to “Great Leaping Bounds”

  1. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    oh I so want to see her again. Once a year at GW is just NOT enough *sigh*

  2. Lamont Cranston Says:

    As far as verbailizations go, you left of “Meh, meh, meh, meh,” which is what I get when you leave the room.


  3. Lamont Cranston Says:

    You also left out the chewing on rocks part.


  4. Robbin Says:

    Just wait. The best is yet to come.

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