Exercise – 9 months post-partum

Did you ever notice – your feet work backwards on stairs.  Check it out.

I recently read this article on how shoes are bad for you in the New York Magazine, ( I prefer barefoot, despite my many naysayers) and it has made me more aware of how I walk.  And when I walk. And how much I walk. And how horribly out of shape I am.

Being an over 40 first time mom, AND terribly out of shape to begin with, makes for lots of feelings of creaky-ness once the child arrives. Due to my bulging disk, I literally cannot get up from the floor with the WCB in my arms. Now that she is standing, I generally have to stand her on the floor, hold one of her hands, and use the other to get myself off the floor.  My arms and legs ache gently all the time.  My back has been *very well behaved* all things considered, and only went out for about 2 weeks – during my bout of PPD, of course.  I tried to run across a street the other day to beat traffic and it felt like moving LEAD. (213 lbs of lead, in fact).

Bonus, however, is that being a mom does gove you a minimum exercise routine every day.  I spend a total of at least 2 hours a day carting around 19 extra lbs (wiggly ones, generally) up and down stairs, over large (and small ankle-twisting) objects, and into and out of infant/toddler containers.  I noted last night that, without the WCB in my arms, I could go up stairs without getting out of breath and my legs, while complain-y, didn’t fell like lead in any way.  This means I am actually in better shape NOW than I was when I got pregnant! (also I am the same weight – whoop!)

Now that WCB is weaned, I am trying to cut back to the 2000 calorie diet I was on before I got pregnant.  I am also trying to be sure that 15-30 minutes of actual exercise *outside the home* happens every day.  Now I include in this definition of “exercise outside the home” any shopping trip, loading or unloading from a trip/event, and being at an event (LOTS of walking at any medieval event).    I am hoping to add to that 3-4 “stroller walks” per week around the circumference of the school grounds next door.  WCB and I both need the fresh air – and she loves “going places.”

I am NOT focused on “losing the mom weight” around my belly.  I *AM* focused on being in better shape so I am healthier and can live as long as possible for my child, and, well, keep up with her. ‘Cause she’s going to be running *SOON* – and I gotta be able to keep up!

Here’s to not feeling like lead when I run! (or sadly, jog)


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