A Word from the Wise

Redneck Mother posted “I can’t have things.”

After reading, I realized that I *had* been assuming there were parts of my life I could keep the WCB out of.

Now I am working on becoming one with the idea that I may have to say goodbye to ANYTHING I own. ANYTHING. At any time. If I want it to stay safe – I need to store it over my Dad’s, or up at my mom’s. No amount of “my office is off limits” or “this is the *parent’s* bedroom” is going to keep anything safe.

Locks.  Big, sturdy combination locks on metal chests/boxes.  That might work….maybe.

Thank goodness I only have ONE (and plan to keep it that way).

I’m off to review the living room for stuff I can’t live without…before she can crawl/walk.


5 Responses to “A Word from the Wise”

  1. Lamont Cranston Says:

    Ooooh. That’s gonna make you a little nuts. For those that don’t know her, OneLuckyMommy is something of an accumulator of, well, stuff.

    Oh God, and Daddy #1 (forgot the Authorized Initial) is a Collector. Of all kinds of, well, collectable stuff.

    This will be entertaining to watch. I think you should set up a special tag. “Stuff Destroyed.”


  2. Casey Says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But if I get at least one person to stash their valuables ahead of their kids’ explorations, then my work is done!

  3. Lamont Cranston Says:

    Reminiscing – You can’t tell what kids are going to destroy. AT 11 I needed to find a rag to wipe my model paint paintbrush. I somehow found the newborn diaper the hospital had put on me the day I was born.


  4. Bri. Says:

    See, I already had the object lesson in, well, not valuing “objects”, thanks to Hurricane Katrina.

    After that, baby-destruction is small potatoes.

  5. Great Leaping Bounds « One Lucky Mommy Says:

    […] it is all so fast – EVERYTHING is happening so FAST!  I thought I had time to baby proof.  Now I have to get the hallway fixed up as a paly area asap before she starts walking and […]

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