Ultimate Power

Being the brand new mom (or parent) of an infant is a lot about feeling powerless. (Heck, so is being pregnant for that matter.)  You have so few REAL responsibilities to this new being – essentially all you need to do is make sure they are healthy, and develop in a healthy way.  Easy – huh?  Soooo…

Healthy = eats appropriately, sleeps appropriately, kept clean (bath and changing), not hurt/cold/hot, not sick

Develop in a healthy way= feels nurtured, gets appropriate stimulation, bonds with parents, meets developmental goals reasonably

Ok – of all that, you find that you can’t:

  • MAKE the newborn eat
  • MAKE the newborn sleep
  • MAKE the newborn meet goals
  • MAKE the newborn stay healthy
  • KEEP the newborn a steady temperature (some part is always too hot or too cold.)
  • KEEP the newborn FROM CRYING (your only measure for “feels nurtured” “gets appropriate stimulation” or “bonds with parents”)

The first month home, especially the first few weeks, my child had nursing issues, and sleeping issues. I could not really determine what made her cry.  I felt like a BAD MOMMY most of the time.  I was sure I sucked at this!

But in NO TIME AT ALL I began to look forward to changing her.  For all that it was gross looking (breastmilk poos are *always* wet and runny and an unbelievable color), and I was sure I could be doing it better, BY GOSH, I COULD CHANGE HER BUTT.  I might be failing in all the other areas, but I could *keep her clean.*  Baths were worrisome because there was so much risk for injury, plus she cried at random points during baths, but I looked forward to those a good bit too.

So to those of you worried about the “diaper”/poopy part of parenting I say, “HA! Diapering is the ULTIMATE NEW PARENT POWER TRIP.”  For 5 brief shiny minutes, roughly 10 times a day, I KNEW I was doing the parent thing right. 

Unless, of course, the newborn stops pooping. Or peeing.  Then I’m a bad parent again.

Until the EXPLOSION occurs.  Then I am too busy frantically scrubbing to fret about what kind of parent I am.


2 Responses to “Ultimate Power”

  1. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    that has to be the most unique persective on parenting I think I have ever read.

  2. Lamont Cranston Says:

    I remember going to that meeting with H. H was olding the baby, and One Lucky Mommy and I were chatting. The two of us heard a phhbbbbbt! sound and looked over. H was just making funning noises, so we went on with our conversation.

    H just had to intervene. “Wait, no. You both gave me the hairy eyeball. What did I do wrong?”

    “Nothing. That’s just the noise she makes when she fills her diaper.”

    He rolled his eyes and went back to playing with the baby. And we went back to chatting. A few minutes later we heard “PHHHHBBBBBBLOOOORT!”

    We looked over just as H burst out laughing. “I thought you were exaggerating!”

    Nope. FYI readers: newborns can fart louder than they can cry.

    And don’t ask me about the drool.

    Uncle Lamont

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