I was a MOM today

Today was a good day.  Not a ‘good’ day where simply nothing went wrong, or I got things done, or I got extra sleep.  Not a day that “didn’t suck” – but a GOOD day.

The weather was wonderful.  Warm and sunny, flowers & birds, light breeze to ruffle your hair – perfect spring day.  We woke early after a rough night (you simply wouldn’t stay asleep for more than 3 hours – and were SO restless).  You ate really well, and then were up and awake.  You played in your crib while sleepy mommy sleepily smiled at you.  Mom did nothing but listen to your sounds, watch your smiles, and marvel at your cruising skills.  You were just a scary fragile bundle only 6 months ago!

You got sleepy, and mom took you to the ‘big kid bed’ for a nap – and then you weren’t sleepy – so we played together. Mom dressed you in the new clothes we bought yesterday – you look SO cute in blue! Sleepy mommy play until you napped.  Then you woke & ate, mommy ate while you played with Daddy O (thanks to Daddy N for Sunday breakfast) and off we went to the store.  You charmed them at Lowes, snored through Target, woke in the grocery store, and grinned when mom ate your toes in the cookie aisle.  Got cranky (as always) as we neared the checkout line, but were entranced by the opportunity to chew on the sliced cheese packages.

Home again, ate a WHOLE bottle of formula (good girl), played with Daddy N while mom put away groceries, nap on Daddy N, then doze on mommy (while both daddies got ready to go out and then kissed us goodbye) – NOT sleepy, played with mommy until hungry, ate another bottle then squalled for MORE. Mommy fed you, then rearranged an evening visit to Grandma S to stay home so Auntie & Uncle could visit (fine by mom – very tired).  You soaked 3 big bibs so far today – what is UP?!

Played with mom and kitties outside until visit.  (you are SO happy to finally pat kitties ‘nice’). Played with Auntie outside (while Uncle set up the tent to dry) until you were sleepy.  In the house you cried – we translated this to “sleepy, want mommy” – but when transferred – it was evident that you were “NOT sleepy, want to play with mommy!”  You finally passed out, Auntie and Uncle chatted, then went home to nap themselves leaving mommy to nap.  Mommy, exhausted, of course could NOT sleep – so she rested, then read.

You woke cheery, and then we played, and played.  Mom found reserves in your smiles and crows and guffaws.  You spontaneously giggled at mommy. We played bouncy games, and upside down games, and eat-your-toes games.  You drooled on mom’s arm, tried to eat her watch (for the zillionth time), and tried out your budding crawling skills on mom’s torso.  You got hungry again, but wouldn’t nurse long – and hollered for more food.  Concerned, mom leaned over (you with your mouth wide open in protest) to comfort you and discovers – two new teeth! No wonder you can’t nurse and have drooled up a storm! 

Bottle quickly provided, happy baby plays on the floor until Daddy N comes home.  You go off with dad, mom calls mommysMom – nice chat, happy warm mom feelings.  Bath for you (late because mom can’t have a short chat with mommysMom), warm jammies, 6 stories from a sleepy mommy, and then a cuddle in the big kid bed.  Both of us out like lights in 15 minutes.

A day of wonder, and peace; smiles from the heart, laughter from the belly, and grins a mile wide; day of discovery, milestones, and reflection; family connecting, and love.

In fact, the whole weekend was, on average – pretty darn good.  I’m going to save this one to brain DVD – so I can play it over again when you are throwing tantrums, screaming ‘I hate you,’ or explaining why you decorated the car with a rock.  You and I were happy together today.  We had a GOOD time.

But you won’t remember any of it… Sigh.


3 Responses to “I was a MOM today”

  1. Deidre Says:

    delightful. Okay I won’t post a link to your blog from mine. I’ll just check on you periodically for my baby fix.

    Sounds like a really lovely day. Wish I could have been there. I want to eat baby toes!

  2. Bri. Says:

    I love those little baby teeth! So white and new.

    Congrats on the new blog. It’s been nice to have that place to record all Harry’s exploits.

    Something to treasure and embarrass them when they are older.

  3. screamofcontinuousness Says:

    ya know, I can’t IMAGINE why, but when I started to read this aloud to my hubby, It was coming out in “Hrothgar sad. sad, sad, sad” voice.

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